DABSTOR DAB Logger and DAB Player

For Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB/DAB+), DAB Logger and DAB Player records and replays ETI data streams.

DAB Logger provides sequential-file endless-loop or single-pass recording of up to four input streams to a managed ETI file library on disk.

DAB Player enables ETI files to be replayed individually or in a sequence and also supports ETI file extraction from a remote DAB Logger.


DAB Logger


  • Recording of ensemble transport streams on a continuous or long-term basis
  • Evidence of multiplexer output to distribution networks and input at transmission sites from distribution networks
  • Records input bitstreams as a sequence of 60-minute files (or 30-minute files) to disk for off-line replay or analysis
  • Endless-loop or optional single-pass recording
  • 4-stream logging using multiple instances of the DAB Logger software
  • Each instance of the DAB Logger uses a separate data partition for the file library
  • Selectable loop time for each DAB Logger instance, up to the available disk capacity in the selected data partition
  • Supports ETI (NA, G.704), ETI (NI, G.703) and unframed ETI recording
  • Allows remote access to library files without interrupting recording using the DAB Player File Extractor option
  • Input signal monitoring
  • *.r2d file header metadata includes input source and stream properties for traceability


DAB Player


  • Replay of live data on a short-term, or loop basis
  • Development, testing, trials, demonstrations and troubleshooting
  • Outputs complete bitstreams from previously recorded ETI files
  • Supports ETI (NA, G.704), ETI (NI, G.703) and unframed ETI files
  • Individual-file or sequential-file replay
  • Loop replay
  • Replay a full ETI file or a selected fragment
  • Dub (copy) complete ETI file or a selected fragment
  • Create a new ETI file as a fragment from one or more ETI files in a remote DAB Logger library
  • File statistics display includes original source and stream properties from the *.r2d file header


  • All-in-one rackmount or portable enclosure with USB connection to Laptop
  • Choice of 3rd party real-time and off-line monitoring and analysis applications
  • ETI File Converter